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Morris Hershman is an author of mystery, gothic, and western novels as well as a contributor of over one hundred short stories to periodicals.

In 1975, Hershman first began transferring his manuscripts and books to the Browne Popular Culture Library, Bowling Green State University. The collection is open for research, however, the photocopying of manuscripts must comply with copyright laws. This register was compiled by Nancy White Lee, Popular Culture Library Associate II, in April 1986, and updated in August 2009 by Patricia Falk.

Biographical Sketch 

Morris Hershman was born on January 31, 1926. He attended New York University. On September 6, 1969, he married Florence Verbell, a writer and editor, though they are now divorced.

Hershman writes under the pseudonyms: Evelyn Bond, Arnold English, Sara Roffman, Janet Templeton, Sam Victor, Lionel Webb, and Jess Wilcox. He also writes under various other private pseudonyms. A member of the Mystery Writers of America, Morris Hershman resides in New York City.


The following books have been transferred from the collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library main stacks. Call numbers for these books may be found in the BGSU Libraries catalog or by clicking on each title below.

Scope and Content 

The Morris Hershman Collection consists of printer's manuscripts of six of his books. Included are related materials such as book jackets (Lady Fortune, Lover's Knot, and Scapegrace). The manuscripts are arranged alphabetically by title.

Researchers interested in the treatment of different genres by one author will find this collection of research value.

Series Description 

Literary Productions

Manuscripts (Literary
1974, 1981, 1984, 1985
Arranged alphabetically by title of work.
This series includes printer's manuscripts.

Book Jackets
1981, 1984, n.d.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
This series includes sample book jackets.

1966-68, 1970, 1973-75
Arranged by title of book and housed at the end of the collection are fourteen uncataloged books.


Box 1
B1ackbirder 1974
1(Printer's manuscript, pp. 1-119) 
2(Printer's manuscript, pp. 120-259)
3(Printer's manuscript, pp. 160-400)
Cure 1974
4(Printer's manuscript, PP. 1-119) 
5(Printer's manuscript, pp. 120-259)
6(Printer's manuscript, pp. 160-400)
Box 2
Kilburn 1974
1(Printer's manuscript, pp. 1-99 ) 
2(Printer's manuscript, pp. 100-240)
Lady Fortune 1984
3(Printer's manuscript, pp. 1-63) 
4(Printer's manuscript, pp. 64-150 )1984
5(Printer's manuscript, pp. 151-260)1984
Lover's Knot 1981
6Morris Hershman writing as Janet Templeton
(Printer's manuscript, pp. 1-85)
7(Printer's manuscript, pp. 86-168)
8(Printer's manuscript, pp. 169-260)
9(Reader's set foundry proofs)
Box 3
The Virtuous Vixen 1985
1Morris Hershman writing as Janet Templeton
(Printer's manuscript, title page to p. X)
2(Printer's manuscript, pp. 1-100)
3(Printer's manuscript, pp. 101-198)
4(Printer's manuscript, pp. 199-279)
5Lady Fortune

Lover's Knot


(Book jackets)



Addendum Inventory*

Box 4
The Reluctant Heiress 1986
1Morris Hershman writing as Janet Templeton
Reader's Pages
2Book jacket
3Extra pages
A Suitor to Spare 1987
4Morris Hershman writing as Janet Templeton
Setting copy manuscript, pp. i-l02
5Setting copy manuscript, pp. 103-205
6Setting copy manuscript, pp. 206-272 (Incomplete)
7Reader's pages
Love is the Winner 1988
8Bookjacket and style sheet 
9Manuscript with corrections and additions, chapters 1-7
10Manuscript with corrections and additions, chapters 8-18
11Manuscript with corrections and additions, chapters 19 to end

*Addendum Inventory completed January 1, 1992, by Susan Irwin, Graduate Library Assistant, Browne Popular Culture Library.

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