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Television Program Still Photographs

Included in this part of the collection are photographs from television programs, both series and specials, from the 1950's to the recent past. Broadcast dates are included, if known.

Box T1
TitleBroadcast Dates
4 in Onen.d.
12 O'Clock High1964-1967
21 Beacon Street1959
21 Jump Street1987-1991
33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee1969
$64,000 Challenge, The1956-1958
77 Sunset Strip1958-1964
87th Precinct1961-1962
90 Bristol Court1964-1965
100 Grand1963
A-Team, The1983-1987
ABC Comedy Hour, The1972
ABC's Nightlife1964
Academy Awards(All)
Adam 121968-1975
Addams Family, The (animated)1973-1975
Adventures in Paradise1959-1962
Adventures of Jim Bowie, The1956-1958
Adventures of Ozzie and the Harriet, The1952-1966
Adventures of Superman1952-1958
Alan King and His Buddy1969
Alcoa-Goodyear Series1957-1960
Alcoa Premiere1961-1963
Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond1959-1961
Alfred Hitchcock Hour1962-1965
Alias Smith and Jones1971-1973
American Scene Magazine (with Jackie Gleason)1962-1966
American Sportsman, The1966
Androcles and the Lion1967
Andy Griffith Show1960-1968
Ann Sothern Show1958-1961
Annie Oakley1954-1956
Arrest and Trial1963-1964
Art Carney Meets Peter and the Wolf1958
Art Carney Show, The1959
Arthur Murray Party1950-1960
As Caesar Sees It1962
Asphalt Jungle1961
Babylon 51994-1998
Bachelor Father1957-1962
Banana Splits Adventure Hour1968-1970
Barbara Stanwyck Show, The1960
Barefoot in the Park1970-1971
Beautiful Phyllis Diller, The1968
Believers, The (a.k.a. The Invaders)1067-1968
Bell Telephone Hour1959-1968
Best of Dan Aykroyd1986
Best of John Belushi1985
Best of the Post1960
Big Red on Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color1964
Big Top, The1950-1957
Big Town1950-1956
Big Valley, The1965-1969
Bill Anderson Show, Then.d.
Bill Cosby Show, The1969-1971
Bill Dana Show, The1963-1965
Bing Crosby Show, The1964-1965
Blue Angels, The1960
Blue Light1966
Bob Crane Show, The1975
Bob Crosby Show, The1953-1957
Bob Cummings Show, The1955-1959
Bob Hope Presents, The Chrysler Theatre1963-1968
Bob Hope Show, The1952
Bold Journey1956-1959
Bold Ones, The1969-1972
Bold Venture1959
Boys Town Choirn.d.
Brady Bunch, The1969-1974
Brass Are Comin', The1969
Brave Eagle1955-1956
Breaking Point1963-1964
Brian Keith Show (a.k.a. The Little People)1972-1974
Bright Promise1969-1972
Broadway '69, The Tony Awards1969
Bronx Zoo, The1987-1988
Burke's Law1963-1966
Bus Stop1961-1962
Caesar's Hour1954-1957
Caesar Presents1955
Call My Bluff1965
Camp Runamuck1965
Can You Top This1950
Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion1955
Card Sharksn.d.
Casey Jones1957
Celebrity Sweepstakes1974-1977
Championship Bridge with Charles Goren1959-1964
Charge Account (a.k.a. Jan Murray Show)1960
Charles Farrell Show, The1956
Chevy Show, The1959
Chevy Suspense Show, The1960
Chicago Story1982
Chico and the Man1974-1978
Children's Corner, The1955-1961
Chinese New Year's Specialn.d.
Cimarron City1958-1960
Closeup (a.k.a. Tex and Jinx Show)1957-1958
Club 601957
Club Oasis1958
Coke Time1953-1957
Colgate Comedy Hour, The1950-1955
Colt 451957-1960
Comedy Spot, The1960-1962
Connie Francis Show1961
Continental Classroom1961
Conversation with Eleanor Roosevelt, A1959
Conversation with Herbert Hoover, A1955
Conversations with Distinguished Persons1956
Cool Million1972-1973
Court of the Last Resort, The1957-1958
Courtship of Eddie's Father, The1969-1972
Cousteau Odyssey1977
Crime Story1986-1988
D.A., The1971-1972
Dan August1970-1971
Dan Raven1960-1961
Danny Thomas Hour1967-1968
Danny Thomas Show, The (a.k.a. Make Room for Daddy)1953-1965
Danny Thomas Special1964
Dark Shadows1966-1971
Date With Debbie1960
Date with the Angels1957-1958
Day in Court1963-1965
Day Like Today, A1964
Days of Our Lives1965-present
Dean Martin Show, The1965-1974
Debbie Reynolds Show, The1969-1970
December Bride1954-1959
Defenders, The1961-1965
Dennis the Menace1959-1963
Detectives Starring Robert Taylor, The1959-1962
Dick Cavett Show, The1968-1972
Dick Powell Show1961-1963
Diff'rent Strokes1978-1986
Dinah's Place1970
Dinah Shore Show, The (a.k.a. The Dinah Shore Special, The Dinah Shore Chevy Show)1951-1956
Ding Dong School1952-1956
Disneyland (a.k.a. Disney's Wonderful World of Color, Wonderful World of Disney, Disney's Wonderful World)1954-1990
Do You Trust Your Wife?1956-1963
Dobie Gillis (a.k.a. Many Loves of Dobie Gillis)1959-1963
Doctors, The1963-1982
Doctor's Hospital1975-1976
Don Knott's Show1970-1971
Don't Call Me Charlie1962-1963
Dough Re Mi1958-1960
Dow Hour of Great Mysteries1960
Dr. Spock1955
Dragnet1951-1959, 1967-1970
Dunninger Show, The1955
DuPont Show of the Week1961
Ed Sullivan Show1948-1971
Edge of Night1956-1984
Ernie Kovacs Special, The1961
Esther Williams at Cypress Gardens1960
Eve Newhope Story, The1962
F.B.I., The1965-1974
Fabulous Shorts1968
Facts of Life, The1979-1988
Family Ties1982-1989
Faraday and Company1973-1974
Farmer's Daughter1963-1966
Father Knows Best1954-1960
Feliciano-Very Special1969
Fibber McGee and Molly1959-1960
Fighting Prince of Donegal, The1966
First Tuesday1969-1973
Five Fingers1959-1960
Flame in the Wind1964-1966
Flamingo Road1981-1982
Flip Wilson Show, The1970-1974
Follow the Sun1961-1962
Ford Star Jubilee1955-1956
Four Star Playhouse1952-1956
Ford Television Theatre (a.k.a. Ford Theatre)1952-1957
Frances Langford Presents1959
Frank Sinatra Show, The1957-1958
Frank Sinatra Timex Show (a.k.a. Bing Crosby and Dean Martin Present High Hopes)1960
From These Roots1958-1961
Fugitive, The1963-1967
Fun Factory1980
Funny Side, The1971
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the White House, A1966
Further Adventures of Ellery Queen1958-1959
Gale Storm Show1956-1960
Gallant Men, The1962-1963
Gemini Man, The1976
General Hospital1963-present
George Burns Show, The1958-1959
George Gobel Show1954-1960
Get Christie Love!1974-1975
Getting Together1971-1972
Ghost and Mrs. Muir1968-1970
Ghost Story1972-1973
Gimme a Break1981-1987
Girl with Something Extra, The1973-1974
Gisele Mackenzie Show, The1957-1958
Golden Girls, The1985-1992
Gong Show, The1976-1980, 1988-1989
Gordon MacRae Show1956
Grammy Awards1969
Grand Canyon—A Journey with Joseph Wood Krutch1964
Greatest Show on Earth, The1963-1964
Gumby Show, The1957
Guy Mitchell Show1957-1958
Haggis Baggis1958
Happy New Year1956
Harper Valley P.T.A.1981-1982
Harrigan and Son1960-1961
Harris against the World1964-1965
Hathaways, The1961-1962
Hawaiian Eye1959-1963
Hec Ramsey1972-1974
Hell Town1985
Here Come the Brides1968-1970
High Low Quiz1957
High Rollers1974-1988
Highway to Heaven1984-1989
Hill Street Blues1981-1987
Hollywood and the Stars1963-1964
Hollywood Ghost Stories1986
Hollywood March (w/ Mothers' March Special)1960
Hollywood Palace, The1964-1970
Hollywood Sings1960
Hollywood Squares (daytime/nighttime)1966-1982, 1983-1984, 1986-1989, 1998-2002
Holvak (a.k.a. The Family Holvak)1964
Honey West1965-1966
The Honeymooners1955-1971
Hong Kong1960-1961
Hot off the Wire (a.k.a. The Jim Backus Show)1960-1961
House on High Street1959-1960
How to Survive a Marriage1974-1975
Howdy Doody1954-1959
Huckleberry Hound Show1958-1962
Hunter1984-1991, 2003
Huntley-Brinkley Report, The1956
I Dream of Jeannie1965-1970
I Love Lucy1951-1961
I Married Joan1952-1955
I Spy1965-1968
I'll Bet1965
I'm Dickens…He's Fenster1962-1963
Immortal, The1970-1971
Imogene Coca Show1954-1955
Incredible Hulk1978-1982
International Showtime1961-1965
Invaders, The (a.k.a. The Believers)1967-1968
Invisible Man1975-1976
It Could be You1956
It Couldn't Be Done1970
Box T2
TitleBroadcast Dates
It Takes Two1969-1970
It's a Great Life1954-1956
I've Got a Secret1952-1976
Jack Benny Program (Show), The1950-1977
Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre1955-1958
Jeannie Carson Show, The (a.k.a. Hey Jeannie)1956-1960
Jefferson Drum1958-1959
Jeopardy1974-1975, 1984-present
Jerry Lewis Show, The1967-1969
Jimmy Dean Show, The1957-1966
Jimmy Stewart Show, The1971-1972
Joey Bishop Show, The1961-1965
John Davidson Show, The1980 (1969-1976)
John Forsythe Show, The1965-1966
John Gunther's High Road1959-1960
Johnny Staccato1959-1960
Joker's Wild1976-1986, 1990-1991
Jubilee, U.S.A. (a.k.a. Ozark Jubilee)1955-1960
Keep Talking1958-1960
Kentucky Jones1964-1965
Kids from C.A.P.E.R.1976
Kids' Writes (Nickolodeon)n.d.
Kitty Foyle1958
Knight Rider1982-1986
Kraft Suspense Theatre1963-1965
Kraft Television Theatre1947-1958
Kukla and Ollie, Burr Tillstron's1969-1971
Landmark Jubilee of Starsn.d.
Las Vegas Musical Special1957
Leave it to Beaver1957-1963
Legend of Jesse James1965-1966
Let's Make a Deal1967-2003
Letter to Loretta (a.k.a. Loretta Young Show)1953-1961
Lewis & Clark (NBC special)1965
Lewis & Clark1981-1982
Lieutenant, The1963-1964
Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp1955-1961
Life of Riley, The1949-1958
Light in the Piazza1962
Lions are Free, The1968
Lineup, The1954-1960
Little House on the Prairie1974-1983
Live Wednesday (a.k.a. Dick Clark's Live Wednesday)1978
Lively Ones, The1962-1963
Lone Ranger1949-1957
Lone Westerner, The1960
Lone Wolf, The1954
Long Hot Summer, The1965-1966
Louvre, The1964
Love, American Style1969-1974
Love & Marriage1959-1960
Love, Sidney1981-1983
Lucky Partnersn.d.
Lunch with Soupy Sales1959-1962
Lux Video Theatre1950-1957
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade55th
Magic Land of Allakazam, The1960
Magnificent Marble Machine1975
Make a Face1961
Make That Spare1960-1964
Mama's Family1983-1985
Man and the Challenge, The1959-1960
Man Called Shenandoah, A1965-1966
Martha Raye Show, The1955-1956
Martin Kane, Private Eye1949-1954
Mary Martin at Eastertime with the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes1966
Masquerade Party1952-1960
Master, The1984
Match Game, The1975-1982
Matinee Theatre1955-1958
Matt Dennis Show, The1955
Max Liebman Presents1954-1956
McClain's Law (a.k.a. The James Arness Show)1981-1982
McDuff, The Talking Dog1976
McHale's Navy1962-1966
McMillian and Wife1971-1977
Meet George Washington—A Project 20 Programn.d.
Meet McGraw1957-1958
Meet the Press1947-1965
Merry Andrew1958
Miami Undercover1961
Michael Shayne1960-1961
Mickey Rooney Show, The1954-1955
Midwestern Hayride1951-1959
Milton Berle Show, The1948-1967
Misfits of Science1985-1986
Miss America Pageant1954-
Miss Universe Pageant1955-
Mister Roberts1965
Modern Romances1954
Moment of Truthn.d.
Mona McCluskey1965-1966
Monday Night Special, The1972
Morning Court1960
Morning Star1965
Mouse on the Mayflower1968
Movin' On1974-1976
Mr. Adams and Eve1957-1958
Mr. Ed1961-1965
Mr. Peepers1952-1955
Mr. Roberts1965-1966
Mrs. America Pageantn.d.
Muppet Show, The1976-1981
Music Bingo1958
Music for a Winter Nightn.d.
Music on Ice1950's?
Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom1963-1971
My Favorite Husband1953-1957
My Mother the Car1965-1966
My Two Dads1987-1990
My World and Welcome to it1969-1972
NBC Children's Theatre1963-1973
NBC Experiment in Television1967-1971
NBC Follies1973
Naked City1958-1963
Name of the Game, The1968-1971
Name that Tune1953-1959, 1970-1971, 1974-1975, 1977 (syndicated version — 1974-1981, 1984-1985)
Nanny and the Professor1970-1971
National Velvet1960-1962
Needles and Pins1973
Never Too Young1965-1966
New Adventure of Huckleberry Fin1968-1969
New Breed, The1961-1962
New Comedy Seriesn.d.
Newlywed Game, The1967-1971 (daytime, 1966-1974/syndicated, 1977-1980), 1985, 1988, 1996-2000
Night Gallery1970-1973
No Time for Sergeants1964-1965
Number Please1961
On Parade1964
On Trial (a.k.a. The Joseph Cotton Show)1956-1959
On Your Account1953-1956
On Your Markn.d.
Our Man Higgins1962-1963
Our Miss Brooks1952-1956
Outer Limits, The1963-1965
Paper Chase, The1978-1979
Partners, The1971-1972
Password Plus1979-1982
Pat Boone-Chevy Showroom1957-1960
Pat Boone Show, The1957
Pat Boone Specialn.d.
Pendulum, The (a.k.a. The Vise)1954-1955
Perry Como Show, The1948-1963
Perry Mason1957-1974
Personal Appearance Theatre (a.k.a. Joseph Schildkraut Presents, 1953-1954)1951-1952
Peter Loves Mary1960-1961
Petticoat Junction1963-1970
Peyton Place1964-1969
Phil Silvers Show, The1955-1959
Pied Piper of Hamlin1957
Pip the Piper1961
Place the Face1953-1955
Play Your Hunch1958-1963
Playwright's 56 (a.k.a. Pontiac's Playwright's 56)1955
Please Don't Eat the Daisies1965-1967
Police Woman1974-1978
Polly Bergen Show, The1957-1958
Porter Wagoner Show1960-1979
Portrait of Petulan.d.
Practice, The1976-1977
Price is Right, The1957-present
Private Eye1987-1988
Private Secretary1953-1957
Producer's Choice1960
Producer's Showcase1954-1957
Project XX (20)1954
Prudential's On Stage1969
Punky Brewster1984-1986
Puppet Playhouse1947
Queen for a Day1956-1964
Quincy M.E.1976-1983
Racket Squad1951-1953
Rags to Riches1987-1988
Range Rider1951-1952
Ranger Hal1957-1969
Ransom of Red Chief, The1959
Real McCoys1957-1963
Real People1979-1984
Rebel, The1959-1961
Red Shelton Show, The1951-1971
Restless Gun, The1957-1959
Richard Diamond, Private Detective1957-1960
Rifleman, The1958-1963
Road to Reality1960
Roaring 20's1960-1962
Robert Montgomery Presents1950-1957
Rockford Files, The1974-1980
Rod McKuen: The Loner1969
Rogues, the1964-1965
Rollin' on the River1971-1973
Room 2221969-1974
Room for One More1962
Route 661960-1964
Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans Show, The1962
Run, Joe, Run1974
Saga of Western Man1964
Saint, The1962
Sam Benedict1962-1963
Sanford and Son1972-1977
Say When1961-1965
Screen Director's Playhouse1955-1956
Seasons of Youth1961
See it Now1952-1955
September Affair1950
Sesame Street1969-
Seven Keys1961-1964
Shelly Berman: A Personal Appearance1962
Shirley Temple's Storybook1959-1961
Silent Force1970-1971
Silver Spoons1982-1986
Sing Along with Mitch1961-1966
Six Million Dollar Man, The1974-1978
Snap Judgment1967-1969
Soldiers, The1955
Speak up America1980
Spirit of the Alamo1960
Split Personality1959-1960
St. Elsewhere1982-1988
Stagecoach West1960-1961
Standard Oil Company 75th Anniversary Show, Then.d.
Star Performance (a.k.a. Four Star Playhouse)1952-1956
Star Trek1966-1969
Steve Allen Show1956-1961
Steve Canyon1958-1960
Stoney Burk1962-1963
Stop the Music1949-1956
Storm Before the Calmn.d.
Story of …, Then.d.
Sunday Dinner1991
Sunday Showcase1959-1960
Sunday Spectacular1956
Sunshine Christmas1977
Super Password1984-1989
Super Sixn.d.
Surfside 61960-1962
TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes1984-1998
Tales of the Texas Rangers1958-1959
Tales of Wells Fargo1957-1962
Tall Man1960-1962
Tallahassee 70001961
Target: The Corruptors1961-1962
Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour (a.k.a. Ted Mack's Matinee1948-1970
Telephone Time1956-1958
Tennessee Ernie Ford Show, The1956-1961
Texan, The1958-1960
Thanksgiving Festivaln.d.
That Girl1965-1971
That Was the Week That Was1964-1965
Then Came Bronson1969-1970
Thin Man, The1957-1959
Third Bill Cosby Special, The1970
This is Tom Jones1969-1971
This is Your Life1952-1961
Those Whiting Girls1955-1957
Three on a Match1971-1974
Tic Tac Dough1956-1959 (daytime), 1957-1958 (nighttime), 1978-1986 (syndicated)
Box T3
TitleBroadcast Dates
Today is Oursn.d.
Today Show1952-present
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet1950-1952
Tomorrow Show, The1973-1982
Tonight Show, The1954-present
Tony Awards1969
Top Cat1961-1962
Tournament of Roses Paraden.d.
Treasure Hunt1956-1959
Trial at Rouen, Then.d.
True Story1952-1961
Truth or Consequences1950-1958
Try Me for Sizen.d.
Twilight Zone1959-1964
Two for the Money1952-1957
Tycoon, The1964-1965
The Unexplained1970
The Untouchables1959-1963
Valentine's Day1964-1965
Vaughn Monroe Show1950-1955
Victor Borge Show, The1951
Vise, The (a.k.a. Detective's Diary)1954-1955
Voice of Firestone1962-1963
Walter Winchell Show, The1952-1960
Warner Bros. Presents1955-1956
Watch Mr. Wizard1951-1955
Web, The1950-1957
Wendy and Me1964-1965
West Wind1975
What's This Song1964
Wheel of Fortune1953, 1983-present
Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch1974-1975
Whistler, The1954
Who Said That?1948-1955
Wide Wide World1955-1958
Wide World Mystery1973
Willys Theatre Presentsn.d.
Window Shopping1962
Winning Streak1974-1975
Wizard of Odds1973-1974
Word for Word1963-1964
World Series Special1960
The World of Christmas1968
World Wide 601960
Yogi Bear Show, The1961-1988
You Bet Your Life1950-1961
You Don't Say1963-1975
Young Lawyers, The1970-1971
Young Marrieds, The1964-1966
Your Hit Parade1950-1974
Zoo Parade1950