Student Technology Assistance Center

Acceptable Use Policy

As a public facility, customers must acknowledge that their work could be viewed by others. We ask that you respect others around you and honor the University's Core Values. STAC reserves the right to discontinue assistance to any student who dishonors the Core Values, particularly situations which expose fellow students and faculty to material that is sexually explicit, violent, or incriminating (i.e. drug use, underage consumption, etc.). The following is a list of policies that is by no means exhaustive, but serves to remind students of some of their responsibilities.

  • We reserve the right to examine contents of accounts, sites, and documents that are stored on our equipment; any document or account is subject to examination if questions of legality arise.
  • Displaying distasteful or offensive material disrupts our work environment and will not be permitted.
  • It is illegal to reproduce copyrighted material without expressed written consent.
  • When video taping people, you need to have them sign a video release form
  • During your use of STAC's services, remember the BGSU Core Values
  • It is every student's responsibility to be aware of the University's policies, some of which can be found at the following places: