Student Technology Assistance Center

Laptop Loan Troubleshooting

If you are participating in the BGSU Laptop Program and your laptop isn't functioning properly,
bring the laptop into the Student Technology Assistance Center and they will do everything possible to make sure the problems are resolved.

Many issues are caused by minor software conflicts and in most cases can easily be taken care of by the ARC while you wait.

If the STAC cannot get your computer running immediately, they will contact the Technology Support Center.

The TSC will turn the laptop over to Hardware Support where technicians will determine if the issues can be fixed here at BGSU.

Note that if Hardware Support determines that the laptop was damaged due to neglect or misuse, you will be responsible for the cost of repair.

The Student Technology Assistance Center will track the progress of any repairs being done and notify you when your laptop is functioning properly again.

* If the issue cannot be fixed immediately, a loaner laptop will be provided so you are not without a computer.

* Keep in mind, BGSU is not responsible for any personal files you have on your laptop.

  It is up to you to make back-ups
of any important papers, projects, presentations, or personal files.