Student Technology Assistance Center

Laptop Loan FAQ

What kind of laptop will I receive?

You will be issued either an Apple MacBook or a Dell Latitude. Students are asked on the Laptop Loan application to select a preference as to which type will best suit their needs. This information, along with the number of applicants per each type of laptop, will determine which laptop each student will receive.

Will I own it, or will BGSU?

The laptop is property of the University; however, during the loan period, you will be responsible for the laptop. If there is any damage to the laptop, or if it is lost or stolen, the cost of repairs or replacement will be charged to your Bursar account and may be taken out of your financial aid package. For more information on policies associated with the BGSU Laptop Loan Program, see our Laptop Loan Policies page.

How do I check out the laptop each academic year?

Laptops are checked out at STAC every August for the academic year. You will be notified in July if you will be receiving a laptop. You will need to bring two items to check out a laptop: your valid BGSU ID and your class schedule for the upcoming semester. You can get a copy of your schedule from the Office of Registration and Records or by logging onto the MyBGSU website.

Are there late fees if I forget to renew the laptop out again at the beginning of each semester?

Yes, late fees will accumulate if the laptops are not returned or renewed by the due dates prescribed by STAC at check-out. Late fees are $10 per day.

Do I need to secure the laptop? If so, how?

Since you are financially responsible for the full value of the laptop, it is strongly recommended that you secure it. In addition, laptops can be easily stolen. You have two security options: lock it in a footlocker, file cabinet, or safe of some sort, or buy a security cable. There are numerous companies that make specialized cables for laptops, such as Kensington, Targus, and Belkin. You could also use a cable lock to secure your laptop. Generally speaking, the more expensive the lock, the better it will be.

What software applications will be on the laptop?

Each laptop comes with Microsoft Office, Internet browser, and anti-virus software already installed. This same software is also used in nearly all campus labs, so you won't have to worry about compatibility or formatting issues between different programs.