Biology: Department of Biological Sciences
Center for Biomolecular Studies


This Center for Biomolecular Sciences (CMBS) was formed to provide a mechanism to bring together scientists from the Department of Biological Sciences and the Department of Chemistry to participate in research and graduate education. The faculty within this center are experts in their fields, many of them with national and international reputations. This center includes three sub-areas; Molecular Microbiology, Molecular Evolution, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Some faculty have connections in all three groups, as well as Bioinformatics, Cancer Biology, Proteomics, Genomics, Phylogenetics and others. CMBS is dedicated to producing quality research and graduate education in its efforts to answer basic and applied research questions.
CMBS Projects
BGSU RNA Basepair Isostericity Database

Center Faculty

Dr. George Bullerjahn  (Biol)
Dr. Donald Deters  (Biol)
Dr. Michael Geusz  (Biol)
Dr. Carol Heckman  (Biol)
Dr. Robert Huber  (Biol)
Dr. Roudabeh Jamasbi  (Biol)
Dr. Ray Larsen  (Biol)
Dr. Neocles Leontis  (Chem)
Dr. Paul Morris  (Biol)
Dr. Scott O. Rogers   (Biol)
Dr William Scovell  (Chem)
Dr. Karen Sirum  (Biol)