Peroedura bastardi

Bastard Gecko



Origin: Madagascar, southern and central

Size: 130mm


Active: nocturnal

Habitat: from thorny steppes in south to Central Massif (over 100m high), found on floor of dry forest and lower tree trunks and beneath rocks

Temp: 25 - 28C is optimal

Lighting: incandescent bulb for heating (red during night)

Foods: crickets (calcium/vitamin dusted), mealworms, waxworms, pinky mice (once / week)
food items should be no more than half the size of head
hatchlings: every day small crickets or fruitflies
subadults & adults: calcium supplement crickets every meal, add mealworms
have calcium supplement available at all times

Temperament: initially skittish

Notes: can climb walls and escape out of very small holes!

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