Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta

Black Rat Snake







Size: 42 inches to 72 inches, record of 101 inches

Lifespan: Over 20 years

Activity Period: Diurnal

Range: Southwestern New England to Eastern Ontario to Georgia, Wisconsin,Oklahoma, and northern Louisiana

Habitat: Woodlands, farmlands, swamps, and barnyards

Temperament: Fairly aggressive, but tame easily

Caging: A 29 gallon high aquarium is a good choice. Cypress mulch, and newspaper are good substrates. Strong branches to climb on and a hide box are essentials.

Temperature: 75 F to 85 Fin the daytime. An under-tank heater is a good idea if the surrounding air is colder than this.

Food: Appropriate sized mice

Lighting: No special lighting is necessary, but a day/ night cycle should be maintained.

Water: A bowl of water big enough for the snake to climb into should be provided at all


Shortened Hillary Harms info. From Sandy Allen

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