Terrapene carolina triungis

Three-toed Box Turtle






Origin: Missouri south to Alabama and Texas

Size: 41/2 to 5 in (record 61/2)

Age: 30-40 years (maximum 100yr)

Active: diurnal

Habitat: moist woodlands and adjacent damp meadows and flood plain
30 gal aquarium (if let out to exercise), newsprint, 2-3" potting soil/orchid bark, fir or orchid bark; water bowl large enough to soak in; shelter; need area for burrowing - orchid bark); spot lilght for basking (88F); mist daily
3’ by 1’ plastic container with large, shallow, heated (80F) soaking pool (change water daily), hiding area, covered to keep humidity up (Don Newhouser, CHS)

Temp.: bask 88F

Foods: earthworms, slugs, crickets, fruits (e.g., bananas, apples, berries, melon), sweet potatoes (cooked and mashed), chicken (boiled & shredded), dark green leaffy veggies., pinky mice (once a week max.); like (need) variety
young require calacium/vitamin supplementation of food
hatchlings & small turtles: feed 1/day, after have basked to warm-up
large: (5 in)fed 3-4 times/week

Temperament: shy, friendly, explorative when let out of enclosure; NOT pets to be handled

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