Epicrates cenchria cenchria

Brazilian Rainbow Boa



Range: North Africa, north of the Amazon River

Age: About 20 years

Size: 6 to 7 feet, no more than 10 pounds

Housing: A 40 gallon with plenty of climbing space is needed for one animal. Paper
towel or cyprus mulch is a good substrate due to the ability of holding moisture.

Temperature: Daytime in the upper 80’s F, nightime in the low 70’s F.

Humidity: Sensitive to dehydration. Cages should be misted several times a day. Large pools of water should be available. A screen lid can be covered with plexiglass to retain humidity.

Lighting: Incandescent lights for heat.

Food: Appropriately sized mice

Temperament: Hatchlings can be nippy, but with handling calm down.References: Cold Blooded News vol. 24.4


Hillary Harms

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