Crotaphytus collaris



Collard Lizard



Size: Up to 16 inches, including tail

Habitat: Southwestern USA to western coastal Mexico. Like desert and rocky areas.

Activity Period: Diurnal, hid during the hottest hours.

Temperament: Aggressive nature. Prodigious appetites and will eat cagemates if housed with smaller animals of another species. Don’t house males together.

Caging: A 50 gallon aquarium works for a pair. They need plenty of climbing spaces
Course sand is a good substrate. Plants like short spined cacti work well.

Temperature: Need heat from above and below. An undertank heater and a heat light is a good choice. The basking site should be 100 F with other spots at 80- 90 F. Night time temperatures should be around 60 F.

Food: Wide variety of insects. Crickets, wax worms zoophoba, mealworms, and grasshoppers. Pinky mice can be given on occasion. Dust all food with calcium and vitamin supplements.

Lighting: Need UV lighting. Can use both a black fluorescent and full spectrum fluorescent.


Hillary Harms with Toledo Herp Society info.


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