Dendrobates leucomelas


Poison Frog




Range: Venezuela & Columbia

Habitat: primary rainforest, on ground level vegetation and leaf litter of forest floor

Size: 1.25 inches

Lifespan: 7-15+ years

Lighting: full spectrum lighting for plants

Temp: Room temperature as long as it does not go below 70F, 75-84F prefered

Food: fruit flies (flightless) and 1/8 inch crickets (also termites), dust with vitamin calcium mix (2-3 parts Herptivite : 1 part RepCal), consume large numbers of small food items

Notes: While captive bred poison frogs are not poisonous, they are very fragile and thus should not be handled. When moving frogs, chase them into small plastic container (cf., ketchup cup) and put lid on move and allow them to climb out of container.

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