Acrantophis dumerili

Dumeril's Boa




Size: 4-6 ft average (7 ft max)

Age: ? yrs average

Active: nocturnal

Habitat: humid rainforests (Mehrtens)
large (4’ x 2’) cage, hide box, sturdy branches for climbing; large waterbowl for drinking and soaking; requires high relative humidity -> mist daily

Temp.: DT 84-86, bask88-95F
NTL (70F) 80-84F

Lighting: incandescent for heat

Foods: appropriately sized mice, rats, rabbits

Temperament: docile

Ross, M.D., Richard and Marzec, Gerald (1990) The Reproductive Husbandry of Pythons and Boas. Institute for Herpetological Research, PO Box 2227, Stanford, CA 94305.
Mehrtens, John M. (1987) Living Snakes of the World. Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York.
de Vosjoli, P. (1990) The General Care and Mai tenance of Red-Tailed Boas. Advanced Vivarium Systems, Lakeside, CA.

Sex chromosomes have been identified (Mengden & Stock, 1980, Chromosoma 79: 53-64)
most seriously inbred of boids in private collections (inbreeding depression) some lines increased susceptibility to respiratory infections, some don’t reach expected adult size
endangered list since 1977 part of Species Survival Plan (SSP) -> genetic management of endangered species
on Madagascar, while locally abundant, threatened with habitat loss by slash-and-burn agriculture
gestation 6 to 8 months, litter size 1 to 21
sexually mature 4-5 yr; 3-4 yr

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