Elaphe vulpina gloydi

Eastern Fox Snake



Origin: Ohio, Michigan, Canada around lakes Huron and Erie

Size: 3-5 ft average

Age: 8-10 years average

Active: diurnal

Habitat: Marshland, grass praries, agricultural areas and woodlands adjacent to streams and brooks
20 gal long tank; substrates: aspen bedding, newspaper (dry leaves over newspaper), dry cypress mulch, astroturf; hide box, climbing branches, rocks; needs belly heat; water bowl large enough to soak, but avoid dampness in cage

Temp.: 75-85F (24-30C) (DT 80-85F; NT: 75-80F); needs belly heat.

Lighting: incandescent for heat, may do better with full spectrum light

Foods: appropriately sized mice

Breeding: brumation: 3 months @ 50-59C
breeding to egg laying:
clutch size: 5
incubation: ~60 days

Temperament: docile enough to hold; can musk when frightened

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THS Caresheet
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Notes: can musk when frightened (smells like fox)

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