Pituophis melanoleucus

Gopher Snake



Origin: Central US
east of Rockies to western Indiana, southern Canada through Northeast

Size: 5 ft average max size 9ft

Age: 22 yr. max

Active: diurnal

Habitat: grassy plains, praries, sandy-semi-desert, agricultural areas
dry, roomy enclosure: 20+ gal long tank; substrates: aspen bedding, newspaper, dry cypress mulch, astroturf; hide box, rough rocks or branches; water bowl large enough to soak, but avoid dampness in cage

Temp.: 75-80F (23-27C)

Lighting: incandescent for heat

Foods: appropriately sized rodents (mice or rats)
Temperament: wildcaught are masters of defense -> mimic rattlesnakes,
will vibrate tail rapidly, form S-loop, flatten head, open mouth, inhale air to look bigger then forcefully exhale yielding loud hiss, may strike

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