Lampropeltis alterna

(L. mexicanus alterna)


Grey-banded Kingsnake



Range: Trans-Pecos/Chihuahuan desert; Southwestern Texas and Northern Mexico

Size: 4 ft (1.2 m) average, normal range 20 to 46 inches; max. 57 inches (1.46 m) weight usually 200 g, but can get obese (up to 350g)

Lifespan:: 20 (?)

Active: nocturnal

Habitat: desert cliffs, rocky limestone cliffs (live in fissures)
20-30 gal aquarium, undertank heating; newsprint, dried pine or aspen, Care Fresh or Lizard Litter; water bowl large enough for soaking, fresh water at all times; shelter Ophiophagus (snake eating) -> house separately!

Temp.: juveniles,80-90F
adults: gradient of 65F (18C) to 88F (31C)
brumate at 55F

Foods: in nature: rodents, birds, lizards, frogs, snakes
in captivity: mice -> pinky, fuzzy (adults are too large), neonates may require lizards, feed medium meal every 4-6 days

Temperament: calm; can be problem feeders

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