Chondropython (Morelia)viridis

Green Tree Python

(Chrodro python)



Range: Papua & Irian Jaya, New Guinea, & Cape York Peninsula of Australia

Size: 4 – 6 feet

Life span maybe 12+ years

Active: nocturnal

Habitat: highly arboreal, humid rainforest, from sea level to 6000ft

Temp.: gradient of NTL 70F to DTH 90F

Foods: in wild: small mammals and birds

in captivity: mice, rats chicks; hatchlings may need tease-feeding

Temperament: can be nippy, some are high strung and irascible, some will tame nicely with regular gently handling, but be prepared to be bitten if handle hatchlings with bare hands

Notes: require high humidity and misting so will drink
typically rests coiled on branch like cinnamon bun
spine easily damaged if removed from branch roughly
hatchlings can be problem feeders
hatchlings start out either bright yellow or brick red,
color change can occur within few weeks once started
**Not a beginner’s snake

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