Eublepharius macularius

Leopard Gecko




Origin: Pakistan, India (NW), Afghanistan

Size: 8 in (record of 12 in), 45-60g (max 100g)

Age: 20 (+) years

Active: nocturnal

Habitat: desert
20 gal aquarium, screen top (can be loose); substrate: sand, orchid bark or newsprint; driftwood, rock, potted plants, shelter, shallow water dish (give 2-3x/week, or change daily)

Temp.: 84-88F, need some humidity

Lighting: incandescent bulb for heating (red during night)

Foods: crickets (calcium/vitamin dusted), mealworms, pinky mice (once / week),
hatchlings: every 1 to 2 days small (3 week) crickets (up to 6 mos)
subadults & adults: calcium supplement crickets (4-5 week) every other meal, add mealworms and occasional pinky mice

Temperament: initially skittish, with time will allow some handling

de Vosjoli, P. (1990) The General Care & Maintenance of Leopard Geckos and Fat-tailed Geckos. Advanced Vivarium Systems, Inc. Lakeside, CA 92040.

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