Pareodura pictus


Ground Gecko

(Ocelet gecko, Panther gecko, Pictus gecko)




Origin: Madagascar

Size: 4.5 - 5.5 in

Lifespan: males ~10 yr, females 2-3 yr average

Active: nocturnal

Habitat: coastal shores to dry, thorn scrubs

Captive Care: 10-20 gal aquarium, screen top (can be loose); substrate: sand, orchid bark or newsprint; driftwood, rock, potted plants, shelter, shallow water dish, nesting box with moist vermiculite, shallow dish of calcium supplement (Rep cal). OR plastic sweater box with air holes, newsprint or paper towels, hide box, nesting box, shallow dish of calcium supplement, shallow water dish or mist sides of box for moisture.

Temp.: 77-96F ground temp gradient with air at ~81F, for egg production
80F (hottest spot) daytime with 67F nighttime -> stops egg production

Lighting: incandescent bulb for heating (red during night)

Foods: crickets (calcium/vitamin dusted), mealworms, waxworms, pinky mice (once / week)
food items should be no more than half the size of head
hatchlings: every day small crickets
subadults & adults: calcium supplement crickets every meal, add mealworms and occasional pinky mice
have calcium supplement available at all times

Breeding: Mature at 7-9 months
Egg laying: 2 eggs/clutch, clutches 8-14 days apart, 17-21 clutches over 7-8 months

Temperament: initially skittish, with time will allow some handling and make good pets

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Notes: Prolific breeders

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