Lampropeltis trangulum campbelli

Pueblan Milk Snake










Range: Southern Puebla westward to eastern Morelos and south to northern Oaxaca, Mexico

Habitat: This subspecies is at home in arid environments and can be found at elevations from 4935-5444

Captive Care: 20H or 15 gallon aquarium with escape-proof screen lid, normal indirect window lighting
sufficient; substrate (like to borrow) sand, small smooth gravel, wood chips (not cedar)
pine shavings, aspen bedding, (maybe one-half side dry moss); hiding spots at both ends of temperature gradient, can be simple as folded sheets of paper
N.B.: Ophiophagus (snake eating) -> house separately!

Temp.: gradient 75-88 F (if temperature is constant 84-86 F) ventral heat prefered, milksnakes don’t bask so using light to provide heat is inappropriate

Foods: mice (pinky, fuzzy, adult, depending on size of snake) always feed separately
hatchlings(after first she): pinky mouse (show small lump), once/week
adult: male: one meal/week (may not eat during mating season)
female: 2 times per week for breeders, but smaller prey items some don’t eat when gravid, but still offer prey frequently
stop feeding two weeks brumation
some individuals may be problem feeders: place in small, clean, dry cage, provide
temperature gradient of 75-78 F using sub tank heat source, provide clean drinking water, an
appropriate substrate and multiple hiding spots

Breeding: mature at 2yrs
brumation: 50-55 F, November 1 to March 1
start brumating during second winter
March 1-> warm to 80 F, feed~ 1 week later, then keep in pairs 1 day per week
sperm can be stored for up to 1year
pre-egg lay she -> eggs laid 6-10 days later
feed gravid females and post-egg-laying females smaller food items
within 3 days of egg laying put male back in for second clutch
breeding age: 2 to 10 years
breeding to egg laying: 26 to 49 days
clutch size: 4 to 16, average 9
incubation: 58 to 76 days @ 82-85 F (78 to 88 F acceptable)

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