Boa constrictor constrictor

Surinam Red-tailed Boa Constrictor




Range: Central America, Surinam

Size: 6-12 ft, females tend to be larger

Life span: 20+ yr

Active: nocturnal

Habitat: humid rainforest; high humidity (75%)

Temp.: gradient of 78F (25C) to 8æF (29C), with basking spot (undertank heat) 90-95F (31-34.5C)

Foods: in captivity: mice, rats, rabbits, chicks

Temperament: can be calm, but easily spooked if move too quickly in front of them

Breeding: sexually mature 3.5-5 yrs
brumate at room temperature but not too cool
breed September through February
gestation 4-8 months

Notes: heavy bodied, powerful constrictor with large head and large teeth, exercise care in handling

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