Lampropeltis triangulum sinaloae

Sinaloan Milk Snake











Range: Sonora to Sinaloa, Rio Fuerte and into southwestern Chihuahua, Mexico

Size: 48 inches

Lifespan: 10-15 years average; max 20 years


Habitat: Pacific coastal lowlands below 3300 feet, abundant around edges of cornfields

Captive Care: 20H or 15 gallon aquarium with escape-proof screen lid, normal indirect window lighting sufficient; substrate (like to burrow) sand, small smooth gravel, wood chips (not cedar) pine shavings, aspen bedding, (maybe one-half side dry moss); hiding spots at both ends of temperature gradient, can be a simple as folded sheets of paper
Ophiophagus (snake eating) -> house separately!
Temp. gradient 75-88F ( if temperature is constant 84-86F)
ventral heat prefered, milksnakes don’t bask so using light to provide heat is inappropriate
Foods: mice (pinky, fuzzy, adult, depending on size of snake)
always feed separately
hatchlings(after first shed): pinky mouse (show small lump), once/week
adult: male: one meal/week (may not eat during mating season)
female: 2 times per week for breeders, but smaller prey items
some don’t eat when gravid, but still offer prey frequently
stop feeding two weeks before brumation
some individuals may be problems feeders: place in small, clean, dry cage, provide temperature gradient of 75-88F using sub-tank heat source, provide clean drinking water, an appropriate substrate and multiple hiding spots.

Breeding: mature at 2 years
brumation: 50-55F, November 1 to March 1 start brumating during second winter
March 1 -> warm to 80F, feed ~ 1 week later, then keep in pairs 1 day per week
sperm can be stored for up to 1 year
pre-egg lay she -> eggs laid 6-10 days later
feed gravid females and post-egg-laying females smaller food items
within 3 days of egg laying put male back in for second clutch
breeding age: 2 to 10 years
breeding to egg laying: 26 to 49 days
clutch size: 4 to 16, average 9
incubation: 58 to 76 days @ 82-85F (78 to 88 F acceptable)

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