Elaphe taeniurus

Taiwan Beauty Snake

(Asian Striped-tail Rat Snake)




Origin: Taiwan

Size: 1-2 meters, max. 7.75ft (2.4m)

Age: ? years average

Active: diurnal

Habitat: many habitats, heavy forest to cultivated fields
40 gal breeder (or 55 gal) aquarium; newsprint, paper towels, cypress bark, fir bark, pine shavings, aspen bedding; water bowl large enough for soaking; hide box, basking rock with lamp for warming, climbing branches

Temp.: 77-86F (25-30C), cooler at night

Foods: rodents: mice or rats (pinky, fuzzy, adult, depending on size of snake)

Temperament: docile and hardy pets

Staszko, Ray and Walls, Jerry (1994) RAT SNAKES a hobbyist’s guide to Elaphe and kin. T.F.H. Publications, Inc., Neptune City, NJ.

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