Pyllomedusa sauvagi

Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs

(Chacoan Monkey Frogs)





Origin: Wide distribution in South America (Gran Chaco) from southeast Bolivia, northwest Argentina and Paraguay.

Size: Females grow larger - 3.24 in. (8.2 cm); Males - 2.8 in. (7.1 cm)
During breeding males have dark nuptial pads on outer surface of thumbs and calling.

Captive Care: 20 gal. vivarium with screen top; newsprint/paper towel substrate.
Branches and cork bark for perching; shallow H2O dish, clean aged H2O (or reverse osmosis water)

Temperature: 90-95F (32-35C) basking site

Lighting: Full spectrum for 4 hrs. each day

Plants: Snake plants, Chinese evergreen, spineless bromeliads (Neoregelia) in pots (out of spotlight); pea gravel or sandy soil substrate (14 hr. light summer; 10 hr. during winter).

Foods: Powdered crickets (1 part calcium/2 parts vitamin mix) - 2-3x a week, 3-4 per frog.

- Rain chamber: 72" long x 42" wide x 72" high (183 cm x 107 cm x 183 cm).
-H2O pumped up from plastic pool through PCV pipes drilled with holes; 6 p.m.-midnight sprinkler turned on daily for varying time lengths.
- Kept in chamber for 2 weeks.
- Amplexus occurs after one or more days of rain -- continuous for several days.
- Returned to vivarium and fed well for 3 or more weeks.
- Returned to rain chamber.
- Egg laying (at night) after one rain period. Try intermittent rain cycles
Repeating breeding pairs: 2-3 month 60-75F during summer and fall.
References: de Vosjoli, P. and Mailloux, R. (1998). The Husbandry of Chacoan Monkey Frogs, Phyllomedusa sauvagii. Vivarium 10(1)44.

Compiled by Libby Smith

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