Heterodon nasicus

Western Hognose Snakes







Origin: Central North America

Size: 16-25 in. average (record 35 in)

Age: ?

Active: crepuscular (dawn and dusk)

Habitat: Relatively dry, sandy prarie areas. Scrubland and river floodplains. Likes to burrow;
10gal aquarium sufficient for single snake; hide box; water bowl large enough to soak in; rough rock or branch or bark to help shedding; substrate appropriate for burrowing, e.g., aspen bedding, dry cypress mulch, etc.; Needs full spectrum lighting

Temp.: 75-80F (night 8-10 cooler)

Foods: in wild: toads, lizards, snakes, reptile eggs, small rodents
captive hatched: prekilled mice

Temperament: docile, but can put on elaborate defense display

References: THS Herptile Care Sheet
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Notes: likes to hiss and hood, but has never bitten anyone
defense display includes vibrating tail rapidly, forming S-loop, hooding and hissing, if this doesn’t work will flop onto back and "play dead". Western Hognose snake rarely performs the latter, especially after aclimation to captivity.

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