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Dr. Doris Beck (Associate Professor Emeritus) Mutagenesis and DNA repair; microbiology

Dr. Eloise Clark (Trustee, Professor Emeritus) Biochemical cell motility; science policy

Dr. Carmen Fioravanti  (Professor Emeritus)   Comparative biochemistry of parasitic helminths

Dr. William Jackson (University Professor Emeritus) 

Dr. Rex Lowe (Professor Emeritus) Aquatic community ecology of benthic algae

Dr. Elden Martin (Professor Emeritus) 

Dr. Reginald Noble (Professor, Department Chair Emeritus) 

Dr. Lee Rockett (Professor Emeritus) Ecology of soil mites and mosquito control

Dr. Robert Romans (Associate Professor Emeritus)

Dr. Roger Thibault (Associate Professor Emeritus)

Dr. Stephen Vessey (Professor Emeritus) Behavioral ecology of vertebrates; population dynamics of small mammals

Dr. Jong Yoon (Professor Emeritus) Genetics of transposable DNA in Drosophila and natural populations