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** = Potential graduate advisors

Dr. Verner Bingman ** (Professor, Psychology) Neuroethology; navigation in birds

Dr. Gabriela Bidart-Bouzat ** (Associate Professor)   Evolutionary ecology; plant-insect interactions

Dr. Juan Bouzat ** (Associate Professor)  Molecular ecology and evolution; conservation genetics

Dr. George Bullerjahn ** (Professor, Radiation Safety Officer)  Microbial physiology; cyanobacteria

Dr. Sheryl Coombs  (Professor)   Sensory biology; comparative studies of vertebrate hair cell systems

Dr. Amanda Damjanovic  (Instructor)
Office: 434A LSC, (419) 372-9158

Dr. Donald Deters (Assistant Professor)  Microbiology; molecular biology of yeasts

Dr. Carmen Fioravanti  (Professor Emeritus)  Comparative biochemistry of parasitic helminths

Dr. Michael Geusz ** (Associate Professor)  Circadian rhythms in neurons; intracellular calcium

Dr. John Graham (Professor) Plant molecular biology and biochemistry

Dr. Carol Heckman ** (Professor) Cell biology; role of ruffling in growth control

Dr. Robert Huber ** (Professor)  Neurochemistry of aggression

Dr. Roudabeh Jamasbi ** (Professor)  Immunology of carcinomas and monoclonal antibodies

Dr. Douglas Kane  (Instructor)
Office: 328 LSC, (419) 372-8970

Dr. Ray Larsen ** (Associate Professor) Transport and membrane energetics in bacteria

Dr. Rex Lowe (Professor Emeritus) Aquatic community ecology of benthic algae

Dr. Kamau Mbuthia  (Lecturer, Laboratory Coordinator)
Office: 320 LSC, (419) 372-2732

Dr. Kevin McCluney ** (Assistant Professor--starting in January 2014)  Water, food webs, landscape ecology, freshwater sustainability

Dr. Robert Michael McKay ** (Ryan Endowed Professor)  Environmental Microbiology

Dr. Lee Meserve ** (Distinguished Teaching Professor)  Mammalian endrocrinology

Dr. Helen Michaels ** (Associate Professor)  Evolution and ecology of plant mating systems; ecological genetics

Dr. Jeffrey Miner ** (Dept. Chair; Associate Professor)  Aquatic community ecology; fishery biology

Dr. Paul Moore ** (Professor) Chemical ecology and behavior of aquatic organisms

Dr. Paul Morris ** (Professor)  Molecular plant-microbe interactions

Dr. Matthew Partin (Lecturer)  Marine Lab Coordinator
Office: 115A LSC, (419) 372-2058

Mr. Paul Passalacqua (Instructor)   Web-based Science Curriculum
Office: 328 LSC, (419) 372-4835

Dr. Daniel Pavuk (Instructor)  
Office: 319 LSC, (419) 372-4839

Dr. Shannon Pelini** (Assistant Professor) Climate change and community ecology

Dr. Vipa Phuntumart ** (Associate Professor)   Plant-pathogen interactions; plant immunity

Dr. Lee Rockett (Professor Emeritus) Ecology of soil mites and mosquito control

Dr. Scott O. Rogers  ** (Professor)  Ancient DNA/ice/viruses/bacteria/fungi; DNA/RNA preservation; introns; plant development

Dr. Karen V. Root   ** (Graduate Coordinator, Associate Professor)  Conservation biology; population viability analysis; reserve design

Dr. Karen Sirum   ** (Associate Professor)   Biology Education Research and Development

Dr. Maneewan (Joy) Suwansaard (Instructor)
Office: 442B LSC, (419) 372-4842

Dr. Roger Thibault (Associate Professor Emeritus)

Dr. Eileen Underwood  (Associate Professor)  Herpetology

Dr. Moira van Staaden ** (Professor)  Ethology and evolution

Dr. Stephen Vessey (Professor Emeritus) 

Ms. Amy Wagner (Instructor)   
Office: 115D LSC, (419) 372-9387

Ms. Tamera Wales (Lecturer, Tri-Beta Faculty Advisor)   
Office: 217 LSC, (419) 372-8206

Dr. Ryan Walsh (Instructor)   
Office: 331 LSC, (419) 372-4840

Dr. Daniel Wiegmann ** (Associate Professor)  Behavioral ecology; reproductive biology of fishes

Dr. Hans Wildschute ** (Assistant Professor)  Environmental microbiology, microbial populations, genetic diversity, virulence factors, and bacterial interactions

Dr. Ronny Woodruff ** (Distinguished Research Professor)  Role of mutation in evolution; Drosophila genetics

Dr. Zhaohui Xu ** (Associate Professor)   Gene expression in bacteria; biotechnology

Dr. Jill Zeilstra-Ryalls ** (Professor)   Gene regulation and protein structure-function relationships