Biology: Dr. Rogers
Dr. Scott O. Rogers


Dr. Scott O. Rogers
Ph. D., University of Washington
Office:     411 Life Sciences Building
Phone:   1-419-372-9157
Ancient DNA, ice , viruses, bacteria, and fungi; DNA/RNA preservation; Introns; Plant development

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Life in ancient ice: A Workshop

Research Interests:

My lab has several concurrent focal areas of research. The projects have centered around the following areas:

  1. Characterization of microorganisms and nucleic acids from ancient and environmental ice,
  2. Characterization of DNA from ancient samples,
  3. Investigations of introns in fungi and fish,
  4. Extraction and preservation of nucleic acids,
  5. Evolutionary events in plants,
  6. Plant apical development,
  7. Phylogenetics of fungi,
  8. Novel evolutionary strategies of microorganisms.

Selected Publications:

Harris, L., and S.O. Rogers. 2011 Evolution of small putative group I introns in the SSU rRNA gene locus of Phialophora species. BMC Res. Notes 4: 258-262.

D'Elia, T. , R. Veerapaneni, V. Theraisnathan and S.O. Rogers. (2009) Isolation of fungi from Lake Vostok accretion ice. Mycologia 101: 751-763.

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Rogers, S.O., and Z. Kaya. 2006. DNA from ancient cedar wood from King Midas' Tomb, Turkey, and Al-Aksa Mosque, Israel. Silvae genet. 55: 54-62.

Zhang, G., D. Shoham, D. Gilichinsky, S. Davidou and S.O. Rogers. 2006. Evidence for influenza A virus RNA in Siberian lake ice. J. Virol 80: 12229-12235.

Shoham, D. and S.O. Rogers. 2006. Greenland as a plausible springboard for trans-Atlantic avian influenza spread. Med. Hypoth. 67:1460-1461.

Castello, J.D., S.O. Rogers, J.E. Smith, W.T. Starmer and Y. Zhao. 2005. Plant and bacterial viruses in the Greenland ice sheet. In: J.d. Castello and S.O. Rogers (eds.). Life in Ancient Ice. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, pp. 196-207.

Rogers, S.O., V. Theraisnathan, L.J. Ma, Y. Zhao, G. Zhang, S-G. Shin, J.D. Castello and W.T. Starmer. 2004. Comparisons of protocols to decontaminate environmental ice samples for biological and molecular examinations. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 70: 2540-44.

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