Department of Biological Sciences
Biology Seminar Series

To invite a speaker for a seminar speaker

  • check the seminar webpage for available dates
  • send an email to the seminar webmaster to place a temporary reservation on the date you are hoping to fill
  • review the needed budget. Each seminar has an automatic budget for lunch (~$50), dinner (~$75), honorarium ($100), and mileage. If additional funds are needed that go beyond that (e.g. for air travel, hotel, or additional entertainment costs) request these funds with an estimate of what is needed from the Seminar committee chair. The chair will then confirm whether the department has funds left in the seminar budget for this.
  • confirm with the speaker and send name, institutional affiliation, talk title, webpage, email to the seminar webmaster to finalize the entry on the seminar webpage.

Individual Functions and Contacts

  • The Chair of the Seminar Committee sends an official letter of invitaton with directions, parking info, and honorarium/travel info details to the seminar speaker along with a copy of the flier that we use for advertising the talk. The chair places a talk announcement in Campus Updates
  • The Host of the Seminar
    • contacts the speaker with any specific details that need to be coordinated
    • in the week of the talk, posts information about the speaker (e.g., c.v., webpage) and a relevant research paper to the seminar poster board
    • if possible, arranges lunch with graduate students at the Bowling Greenery.
    • if possible, arrange dinner with faculty (and select students). Reimbursement funds can be used to either host the speaker for dinner at a local restaurant or at a private residence. Following the visit present receipts with request for reimbursement to Susan Schooner. Receipts need to include a list of items, with names of participants listed on the back. Costs for alcohol are allowed but need to be placed on a separate receipt.
  • The Biology Main Office organizes Coffee/Donuts for the pre-talk social, arranges for the speaker's parking pass at the Visitor's Center, and prints the flier for the Seminar Bulletin board and other places in the building
  • Chris Hess does the accounting for the seminar budget and arranges a packet of paperwork for honorarium, travel reimbursements, and present. The host should see Susan Schooner with the speaker for signatures, etc.
  • Hans Wildschutte coordinates the annual Paskarnis-Buchanan Lecture (spring)
  • If additional funds for a seminar have been approved by the Seminar committee chair, the Main Office (Deb) assists with travel arrangements for hotel/flights/etc. These arrangments need to be done well in advance of the date.
  • Juan Bouzat communicates seminar info to campus media outlets/newspapers/regional campuses/departments/agencies/listprocs
  • Carol Heckman sends talk reminders to the faculty/grad student listProcs
  • Matt Cross is the Graduate Student Representative who organizes the grad student hosted lecture (each semester)