Application for Assistantship
Chemistry/Photochemical Sciences
Bowling Green State University

The application for assistantship must be completed by anyone interested in pursuing either an M.S. or Ph.D. in the Department of Chemistry/Center for Photochemical Sciences at BGSU. The information requested below is strongly considered when awarding assistantships, therefore, please complete all sections carefully. For detailed information about our graduate programs, please go to the following web sites:

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Please answer the following questions:
  1. Please provide a statement concerning your personal history, family background, and particular influences on your intellectual development. This statement should include educational and cultural opportunities (or lack of them), social and economic advantages or disadvantages that you may have faced, and the ways these experiences affected you.

  2. Have you conducted any research at the undergraduate or master's level? If so, please describe your prior research experience.

  3. Write a brief statement about your current research interests and proposed area of thesis/dissertation research. Be specific as possible.

  4. Please explain why you would like to pursue an M.S. in Chemistry or Ph.D. in Photochemical Sciences at BGSU and which area of our research currently being performed in our department interests you.

  5. Which of the following major branches of chemistry best reflects your research interest?

  6. If admitted to the Ph.D. program in Photochemical Sciences, please indicate professors whose research interests you.


  7. If you are not admitted for the Ph.D. program, do you wish to be considered for the Masters program in Chemistry at Bowling Green?
    Yes    No

Masters Degree in Chemistry - Fill in the following if you are applying for the Masters Degree in Chemistry:

  1. State briefly what you plan to do after completion of your Master's Degree.

  2. What is your level of interest in applying to the Ph.D. program in Photochemical Sciences at Bowling Green State University after completion of your Master's degree?
    Very Interested    Uncertain    Not Interested

  3. If admitted to the Masters program in Chemistry, please indicate professors whose research interests you.

Please verify the completeness of this form, then submit it by pressing the Submit button below.

For mail-ins, send this form to:

Nora Cassidy
Department of Chemistry
Center for Photochemical Sciences
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403 USA

Updated 11/5/08