The Anzenbacher Research Group

  • Dr. Pavel Anzenbacher
  • Dr. Lorenzo Mosca
  • Yuzhen Zhang
  • Nina Esipenko
  • Petr Koutnik
  • Ali Akdeniz
  • Elena Shcherbakova
  • Aleksei Berdiuzhenko
Dr. Pavel Anzenbacher Jr.

Associate Professor
and Sloan Research Fellow
Office: 411 PSLB
Laboratory: 517 PSLB
BGSU, Department of Chemistry
Bowling Green, OH 43403
Phone: (419) 372-2080
Fax: (419) 372-9809

2006-present Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, BGSU
2000-2006 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, BGSU
1997-2000 Postdoctoral Associate, Prof. J. L. Sessler, Department of Chemistry,, University of Texas at Austin
1996-1997 Assistant Professor, Institute of Chemical Technology, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Prague, Czech Republic
1992-1996 Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry , Czech Academy of Sciences. Doctor of Philosophy in Organic chemistry
1988-1992 Charles University at Prague, Faculty of Natural Sciences, M.S. in Organic chemistry
Graduate Students

Nina Esipenko

5th year student


Petr Koutnik, M.S.

3st year student


Ali Akdeniz

2st year student


Elena Shcherbakova

2st year student


Aleksei Berdiuzhenko

1st year student


This place is always available

for a motivated 1st year student

Postdoctoral and Research Associates

Dr. Lorenzo Mosca

Synthetic and Supramolecular Chemistry


Dr. Yuzhen Zhang



Undergraduate Researchers

We are proud of our undergraduate research associates. Over last seven years of existence of the group, we have worked with six US undergraduates and hosted seven international undergraduate students. Sadly we don't have photos of all those who we've had the pleasure of working with. All the undergraduate researchers that worked with us are now in various graduate programs across the country pursuing higher degrees in chemistry. The obvious exceptions are the students who are still in college. We pride ourselves in being able to devote individual attention to the students who work with us, and actively help them to achieve their career objectives. The fact that so far 100% of our former undergraduate research associates are in graduate schools suggest that we were both lucky working with smart and hard working young people, and also that we were successful in inspiring them to pursue advanced education in chemistry-related fields.

Kelly Lambright

BGSU undergraduate

Maria Sandzhieva

St. Petersburg State University Undergraduate

Todd Laird

BGSU Graduate

Bethany J. Hausch

BGSU undergraduate

Sherrell Turner

BGSU undergraduate

Julia Sacui

Grad student at Youngstown

(recording NMR with Radek)

Jake Plummer

Grad student at Notre Dame


Brian Tasma

was the first biochemistry undergraduate researcher in the group, he is now in med school

(here in the photo with Marketa)

Group Members "in memoriam"

Group Members "in memoriam". Those, who found much better place elsewhere - we miss them.

Dr. Tsuyoshi Minami

Synthetic and Supramolecular Chemistry


Dr. Cesar Perez

OLED Team Leader

Synthesis of OLED materials and OLEDs


Fereshteh Emami Piri

Visting Researcher


Dr. Yuan-li Liu


Alex Orlov, M.S.


Dr. Masashi Mamada 

Expert in solid-phase synthesis


Dr. Fengyu "Goofy" Li

is the nanofiber specialist


Selin Ergun

Synthesis of OLED materials


Tanxin Du

 MS student


Jinshil Moon

 Exchange student


Dr. Ryota Kabe 

Photonic materials and devices


Pavel 'Moby' Bucek, M.S.

 Analytical guru and Artificial Neural

Network commander

Chen Shen

 MS student



Dr. Dula Man

our only biologist



Dr. Ping Chen

solid-state physicist (OLEDs and SOLAR CELLS)

 Karolina Jursikova

Karolina was the anion-binding specialist

(currently on maternity leave).


Dr. Grygori V. Zyryanov

was the senior postdoc and

synthetic "problem solver".


Dr. Shin-ya Takizawa

was the senior postdoc and

OLED materials specialist.




Dr. Amare Benor

solid-state physicist working in OLEDs research



Dr. Marketa Schinkmanova

was the first biochemist in the group, working on protein sensing



Dr. Pavel Savechenkov

was working on sensor




 Dr. Manuel A. Palacios

 Manuel is the sensor array & pattern recognition magician and was the SENSOR Team leader



Krischan F. Jeltsch

 M.S. student works on roll-to-roll printable OLED materials

Dr. Victor A. Montes

 was our own OLED specialist and ultrafast-transient spectroscopy magician.

Dr. Zhuo Wang

was our cation sensing specialist.


Dr. Chris Gulgas

was in charge of synthesis of anion-sensors

Dr. Go Nishimura

was our blue-OLED specialist. We miss him very much-we are blue now too.

Dr. Ryuhei Nishiyabu

was our anion-binding specialist. He now is an assistant professor in Kyushu University (Japan).

Dr. Neeraj Agarwal

was our porphyrin guru.


Dmitry Aldakov

 Graduated in 2004, now working as a postdoc in France (Europe).


Early days in the Group were confused (...ah the good days). First, we could not decide whether to make a research or a musical group. Then, we made the decision that turned out to be the wrong one....

Dr. Radek Pohl

 Radek and Bob were the first postdocs in the group. Radek, genius of organic synthesis and the first person in the group who actually could read NMR spectra,  has left the group for greener pastures in May 2003. While he plays many instruments, he likes the NMR best.

Dr. Bob Ganja Marley OM

Most of you don't know it but Bob Marley was our first postdoc in the group. Needless to say, he did not work out. While he was OK guitar player, as a chemist he understood the word "testing" as "tasting" and we had to fire him.