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Department of Chemistry

Jeremy K. Klosterman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
412 Physical Sciences Laboratory Building
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Biographical Facts:

Joined the faculty in Fall 2011
Sc.D., Universität Zürich, Switzerland (2007)
M.S., University of California, San Diego (2002)
B.S., Northwestern Nazarene University, Idaho (2000)

Jeremy Klosterman



Research Interests:

In the last fifty years, significant advances in materials science formed the foundation of modern electronics and enabled new possibilities in energy storage and environmentally friendly technologies. Crystal engineering, a recent branch of supramolecular chemistry with increasing significance, has helped shed light on the roles of intermolecular interactions in supramolecular solid-state structures. More recently, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) combined organic and inorganic subunits to fashion robust, well-defined three-dimensional frameworks and provide easy access to the domain of solid state chemistry where specific intermolecular interactions can engender bulk, material properties. However, much remains unknown about the relationships between the molecular structure and the resultant material properties and, as a result, the search for new, functional materials too often relies on serendipitous discovery. The primary goal of our research is the design and synthesis of functional supramolecular architectures. This necessitates a thorough understanding of the relationships between the molecular structure, the supramolecular architecture, and the material properties. We are currently focusing on the following areas:

  • The development of a modular approach to control fluorophore aggregation and orientation in the solid state in order to enhance solid-state emissive properties.
  • The application of emissive organic solids towards new practical chemosensors.
  • The combination of multiple intermolecular interactions to enable the molecular realization of mechanically linked, topologically complex structures.

Selected Publications:

Klosterman, J. K.; Linden, A.; Frantz, D.; Siegel, J. S. Dalton Trans. 2010, 1519-1531.

Ono, K.; Klosterman, J. K.; Yoshizawa, M.; Sekiguchi, K.; Tahara, T., Fujita, M. J. Am. Chem Soc. 2009, 131, 12526–12527

Klosterman, J. K.; Iwamura, M.; Tahara, T.; Fujita, M. J. Am. Chem Soc. 2009, 131, 9478-1479.

Klosterman, J. K.; Baldridge, K.; Siegel, J. S. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2009, 11, 5408-5415.

Klosterman, J. K.; Siegel, J. S.; Linden, A. Org. Biomol. Chem. 2008, 6, 2755-2764.


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