Blau, Sheridan. "Book Review: Felt Sense: Writing with the Body, by Sondra Perl"
The Quaterly of the National Writing Project 2004 Volume 26, No. 3.

"Perl wants us to recognize that it is literally in our bodies where we experience that we are trying to say more than we currently have words for or that we know something we can’t yet articulate. And just a bit of reflection or introspection while composing will reveal how right Perl is about how we experience the metabolic rhythm of composition—its movement from aridity to fertility, from frustration to inspiration as we discover new and deeper ideas in our bodily experience of being stuck or lost, and then of finding what we have been looking for. Even as I write or struggle to write these words, I experience the difficulties as a struggle to breathe properly, a skeletal discomfort, a drift toward sleep. Alternately, I feel moments of breakthrough as a kind of freedom in breath, an energized body, and sometimes a physical need to get up and walk around. Indeed, if we think about how we experience any moment of learning, whether in the course of writing or reading or silent thought, we will realize that we recognize those moments as bodily experiences, as if finally understanding any idea that had eluded us constitutes a change in our physical state of being."

Book Review: A Rhetoric of Pleasure: Prose Style and Today's Composition Classroom, by T. R. Johnson







One: Situating Embodied Learning

Two: Case Study: Oliver

Three: Implications for the Literacy Autobiography Assignment