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Appendix A

Moodle Forums: Moodle Requires Fewer Mouse Clicks

A common frustration about learning management systems is that it's a cumbersome task to manage forums. While it's an easy task to read and comment upon forums, it's difficult to navigate between forums and the gradebook while assessing forum posts.

With Moodle, instructors can rate forum posts inside the forum, and those ratings are immediately added to the gradebook. Additionally, Moodle offers ways to track the number of forum posts so instructors can automatically reward students for participating.

The advantage of grading forums without the need to switch between the forum and the gradebook gives instructors the ability to focus on offering students quality feedback. When the time comes to assign grades for posts, instructors can rate all posts at once by selecting the scores in each posts drop-down menu and then clicking “Send in my latest ratings.”


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