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While there are three Journals offering multiple pedagogical possibilities, student  journals all have several features in common.

Students can, at any time, from any place they have Internet access, log into their journals and write.  Preliminary research has shown that students are making a significant amount of entries outside of class, especially at night and on weekends.  This means students are reading and writing with peers about class ideas outside of the classroom.

Students love to show their individualism with the look of their journals.  In TJP they can change their picture (including animated gifs), background, font, and font color (Pictures A-F).


"Students can customize their personal journals to their liking at any time.  The effect in the overall journal is a colorful, evolving carnival of color, pictures, and fonts."

A: Students View Their Community

B: Students can change their background, font, colors, and picture anytime

C: Cluster Journal: Student View Showing Current and Evolving Understandings Write Windows Open



D: Cluster Journal: Student View Showing Clustermate Dialogue Write Window Open

E: All Journals: Students Their Journal (left frame) and Instructor Syllaweb or any other URL (right frame)

F:Dynamic Journal with Student in Personal Journal (left frame) and Reading Dynamic Zone (center frame)