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The Process of Creating the Video Syllabus
Creating the video syllabus involved the following stages:
  1. Defining the term “video syllabus”

  2. Locating examples of video syllabi

  3. Researching syllabus design
    1. Researching the ideal length of syllabi
    2. Indentifying criteria for an effective syllabus
    3. Indentifying criteria for an effective online syllabus

  4. Production
    1. Creating the website
    2. Producing and editing the video clips
    3. Streaming the video on the web

Although the idea was mine, the video syllabus project started out as an E-Train Express team undertaking at Western Kentucky University. E-Train is a university-based organization made up of technology advocates from Kentucky area teachers and WKU faculty and staff. Our group consisted of six members: an instructional designer from TSOnline, a technology specialist from TSOnline, and four faculty members from various departments, including myself as the leader of the group. During the 2005/06 academic year, the group met on a regular basis, planning and developing the project and contributing with ideas. Our goal was to create a video syllabus for one of our online courses, which in my case happened to be an Advanced Composition course.