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--Three sequenced assignments

Here I will offer three assignments or projects, drawing upon the notion of interconnectivity. Although the reader may not fully understand these projects, s/he should know that these projects serve as a progression: in the first project, students describe themselves in their own words, prior to any instruction or facilitation. The second project requires the students to develop their identities on the web using metaphor and Greg Ulmer's popcycle, which "refers to the relationship among the central Educational institutions of society--Family, Entertainment, School (K-12), and Discipline (the specialized fields of knowledge). Each institution has a discourse that operates by its own logic, form, and means of proof. For some individuals Family might be replaced by Street, or Entertainment might be replaced by Church" ("Deconstructing the Family Album," p. 277). The third project deals with Giorgio Agamben's non-identities or singularities and requires the students to explore their identities outside of everything they have done previously in the semester.