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Blog Tutorials

If you feel like you might need some help in creating your blog, there are a number of tutorials available. Many of these focus on Blogger, which reflects its popularity:

  • Glossary: A great resource for learning the language of blogs, from "advocacy blog" to "whoring (for hits)." Not only does this glossary provide a grounding in the blogging subculture, but it would make an interesting document to use in a class to analyze the language of blogging or trace its emergence.

  • Blogging 101: This is a tutorial actually created by a student of mine in a web authoring class. It focuses on Blogger and has numerous graphics that lead you through the process of creating a blog step-by-step. It also has a number of links to sites about blogging and to blog accessories.

  • Blogger: Getting Started: Blogger's guide to creating a blog with their service. Not as detailed or as helpful as Blogging 101.

  • Blogplates: Tutorials: Offers links to tutorials for Blogger as well as to the installation guides for Greymatter and Movable Type. It also has links to installing templates for all these services as well as links to various forums for more support.

  • LiveJournal FAQ: LiveJournal's guide to getting started with their service.








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