Self-Analysis: A Call for Multimodality in Personal Narrative Composition
 ~   Sonya Borton (University of Louisville)  ~


"personal writing is a way for students to take that first step into the world of written discourse . . ."

"We are living in a world full of texts, but very few of the texts our students see on a daily basis look like the papers we ask them to produce. . . "

This article focuses on the benefits of combining the personal narrative assignment, which has been long used in the first year composition classroom, with the multimodal composition assignment. It coalesces the writer's own multimodal personal narratives in audio and video with an analysis of her experience composing those narratives in a graduate level course, "Literacy, Technology, and Education" taught by Cynthia Selfe at the University of Louisville in the spring of 2004. The article seeks to encourage instructors of composition to take another look at the opportunities afforded in the personal narrative assignment, especially when the assignment is multimodal.