PowerPoint music video: the expanded guide

The assignment sheet for the PowerPoint Music Video includes a few tips and suggests a few resources you should make use of for this assignment.  This document contains:

  • Four keys to a successful PPT video: concepts to think about, prompts, global suggestions.
  • A two page, rudimentary storyboard.  Please complete a storyboard of some sort; this one or one you make up. 
  • Some background information on copyright issues.
  • Links to free stuff: images and music.
  • A more developed discussion of how to work with music.
  • A sample letter / email that could be send to an artist / label asking for permission to use a song or songs.

Your instructor and the Technology Learning Center will be your two best resources if you have questions that cannot be answered in this Guide or through the support documents found on Sponge, "a site for step-by-step information on how to complete technology tasks and projects" : http://www.ndsu.edu/sponge.

The full expanded guide is available as a PDF File.