Post-assignment survey questions

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Please take as much time as necessary to answer each question in as much detail as possible. There are 10 question on the page; six on the front side, four on the back side. If you need more room to answer a question, please feel free to use a separate sheet. Put your name, instructor, and date on that separate sheet. You are not required to complete this survey, but your participation in this research project is greatly appreciated.

  1. What song(s) did you end up using in your PPT Music video, and how did you use it, musically and lyrically? 

Song(s) and artist(s):

Musically (tone, mood, rhythm, instrumentation, era, genre):

Lyrically (story, images, concepts, messages):

  1. Did you follow your initial plan (including but not limited to the storyboard) closely, loosely, hardly at all?  Please circle the appropriate word and provide a brief explanation. 
  1. If you had composed with music before (i.e. used music in a video, a website, a movie, or other multimedia project) before, did you learn anything new about composing with music from this assignment?  Write N/A (not applicable) if you have not composed with music before. 
  1. Please describe the thought process and problem-solving tasks that this assignment required.  E.g. did you start with a song and try to illustrate it, or did you start with a concept and try to find a song that matched.  How did you go about compiling and arranging images, particularly in relation to your music? What software and hardware did you use?  Did you seek help?  From whom? Etc.
  1. Was there a model or models you drew on at any point in the process?  Please explain what role, if any, a model had in shaping your product. 
  1. What, if anything, did you learn about US copyright law and fair use guidelines while working on this music video assignment?   Do you plan to change any of your downloading practices, whether legal, illegal, both, or neither?
  1. What ideas or concepts relevant to composing a video seem relevant to composing a traditional print text essay?
  1. How long (in hours) did you work on your PPT Music Video? Compared to other assignments in this course, did you a) put in more time, b) about the same amount of time, or c) less time?  Please circle the appropriate description, and explain why you put in more, the same, or less time.
  1.  Thinking not just about composing with music and making a video, what, if anything, did you learn from this assignment? 
  1.  Would you recommend that the English department continue to teach the PowerPoint Music Video Assignment?  Why or why not?