Visible and Hidden Transcripts: Word Domination and Paths to Resistance




Claire's story

Clippie and friends

Word dominance

The public transcript

Transcript traces

Ideology saturation

Through thick and thin

Paths of resistance

Assignment Description





Thanks to Susan Kates for her excellent Activist Rhetorics course in Fall, 2004 which inspired the first draft of this essay and to Chris Carter for his careful close reading of a later draft. Thanks also to Charlie Potter and Genevieve Critel for their patient help for a Dreamweaver neophyte.

Thank you to the University of Oklahoma for providing me with the financial support to attend the Computers and Writing Conference in May, 2006 where I had the opportunity to present this paper before my helpful peers. Lanette Cadle, Kris Blair and two anonymous reviewers have been particularly helpful.

Mitchell P. Smith suggested James Scott's important book to me and, especially, gives me loving support and generous time to work just when he would rather be working himself. Last, thank you to Micah and Megan who always are the joys of our lives.