Using Rhetorical Media to Meet Outcomes

and Satisfy Stakeholders


Course Design

This project, and the overall course, has been revised again to continue to find ways to blend rhetoric/composing in multiple modalities with the interests of the stakeholders.  A primary interest in this redesign is to better scaffold the multi-modal elements of the course.

The sections that follow outline the units of the redesigned course and provide explanation of how those units pertain to the WPA Outcomes as well as the stakeholders interests.  Click the unit name to access this detailed explanation.

Unit 1The course will begin with a unit that builds to a capstone project of song lyric/video analysis. 

Unit 2The next unit will emphasize visual rhetoric and conventions more specifically. 

Unit 3In this unit, the students compose a rhetorical media argument using modalities they deem most appropriate to their subject matter. 

Unit 4During this unit, students will write, film, edit and deliver the documentary film. 

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Before the Project

Results of the Project

Course Design

        Unit 1

        Unit 2

        Unit 3

        Unit 4