Using Rhetorical Media to Meet Outcomes

and Satisfy Stakeholders



Finally, the faculty bring their priorities to the classroom as well.  This video addresses those factors briefly.

The Bottom Line:  Faculty blend the concerns of the other stakeholders along with the course outcomes that reflect the goals of their field at large.

Addressing these Interests:  As several units of the Film Project course work toward reaching the goals of the other stakeholders, and each unit works toward numerous WPA Outcomes, each of the units (1, 2, 3, and 4) also work together to suite the interests of the faculty.

Video Transcript  

Lastly, we come to the faculty.  Their interests might combine those of the administration, the community and also their students.  However, they will likely hold the outcomes of the course, such as those outlined by the WPA Outcome Statements or the course content of their college, as a specific set of interests, since statements such as these might be said to represent the collective interests of the field at large.  

The question remains, how can these interests be met, and how can rhetorical media help?  The next segment will explore how a documentary film project, in particular, is useful in responding to the complex needs and interests of these stakeholders.

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