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Using Acrobat in Writing Classes: Using PDF Files

Using PDF Files 

There are a variety of ways you can use the PDF files you create outside or during class. 

PDF documents from the Web can be used as an effective teaching tool in the classroom, dorm, home, or wherever students access the Internet. You can distribute PDF files in the following ways:

  • CD-ROM

  • network drives

  • your Web site

  • online class reserves through the campus library

  • e-mail  

During class, students can view documents at their own computers. You can also project samples. Because Acrobat Reader lets you change the magnification level, you can enlarge the document so students can easily view it.

If your institution has an Acrobat site license, students can submit their assignments in PDF format, thus saving printing costs. Faculty can then keep an electronic archive of sample student work. Because PDF files are relatively small, they are ideal to send as e-mail attachments. Students can also convert their class work to an electronic portfolio and distribute their resumes on CD-ROM or a Web site.

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