A Note About This Project

Christine Tulley

Assistant Professor of English

This review was conducted as a collaborative hypertext project for our senior Web Writing for English Majors course at The University of Findlay. For a transcript of our virtual chat about our review progress (and how it relates to the notion of what constitutes effective web writing in general) click here.

There are a few things C&C Online readers should know about this project that may not be immediately evident. First of all, from start to finish this project was an experiment in writing a collaborative hypertext review. All decisions (font style, background, spacing, links, etc.) were based on group decisions with a few basic ground rules to meet assignment requirements, and readers can see from the chat transcript how individual students in the class felt the project worked. In addition to non-fiction writing such as this review, students have blogged and participated in synchronous and asynchronous chats, and studied the variations in these communications. We are currently starting a unit on hypertext fiction and poetry (with a focus on Flash Poetry) and will conclude our class with some final web projects that demonstrate individual student definitions of effective web writing.

The final version of the project (after feedback from Dr. Kristine Blair and other helpful editors of C&C Online) can be accessed by clicking on the button at the top of the page.