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Gaisberg trip - October 8th, 2005
Gaisberg trip - October 8th, 2005
Freilichtsmuseum - October 15th, 2005
Halloween Party - October 2005
Vienna Trip - October / November 2005
Vienna Trip - October / November 2005
Vienna Trip - October / November 2005


When was Stiegl made? You can find out the answer to this question and others by taking our Salzburg quiz! If you are leaving for Salzburg soon, have already been there, or are just interested in learning more about Salzburg, then you should try taking our Salzburg trivia quiz! From Mozart to Red Bull, this quiz will test your knowledge in various aspects of Austrian history, language, and culture!

Leaving soon for Salzburg?
Check out our "Salzburg Survival Guide" page!
We recommend that all students leaving for Salzburg take the GERM 300 course offered at BGSU. It deals with living abroad (possibly for the first time), living in Salzburg, and tips to help you all along the way. For all of those who can't attend this course (graduate students, students from other colleges, etc.) we have a Salzburg Survival Guide!

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