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Career Options

The M.A. degree in German will allow you to pursue a wide variety of career options. With the new emphasis on foreign language education in a globalized economy, teaching German as a foreign language in high school or college remains a valuable career option. A considerable number of our graduates continue toward a career in higher education by entering a Ph.D. program (our graduates have placed into renowned programs at Georgetown, Johns Hopkins University, University of Illinois at Chicago, etc.). Almost every year a number of graduates return to Germany or Austria on Fulbright fellowships to teach English as a foreign language in a secondary school. An M.A. in German has many applications aside from teaching. More and more corporations are looking for graduates with a solid background in the liberal arts and foreign language skills. Our graduates have found jobs with large international corporations, with banks, and with local businesses. We have also placed graduates in government positions where knowledge of a foreign language is required. Some graduates have returned to Germany or Austria and found employment with foreign companies.

Training for Graduate Assistants

Graduate assistants in the department are ordinarily either teaching assistants or research assistants. Both positions offer opportunities for professional training. Teaching assistants receive training in teaching methodology as part of their program of studies and work with a course supervisor during their first semester of teaching. Research assistants are ordinarily assigned to one or more professors to aid in the carrying out of research projects. The department also supports student participation at various national conferences.

Career Planning

The Department is committed to an active role in helping its students formulate clear career objectives and find placement which furthers these objectives. In addition to departmental efforts, University Career Services identify various employment opportunities for graduate candidates and seek to provide personalized assistance through conferences, employment interviews, and referrals. The professional staff of this office works closely with employers across the country.



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