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Study in Salzburg

The total value of the graduate year in Salzburg including BGSU tuition in 2012-2013 is $17,869 for Ohio residents and $22,411 for non-residents. Program participants may receive a tuition grant equivalent to the tuition charge and a stipend for serving as a graduate assistant, or a tuition grant only. Those selected as graduate assistants receive a stipend of $5616. That stipend is paid from BGSU to an American bank account that you specify.

Housing, meal plan, and programming fees ($9005 for the year) less the value of the stipend equals $3389. A person who receives a tuition waiver and stipend will thus pay $3389 for the year. The meals allowance (about 75 Euro per week) is paid in increments and drawn from an Austrian bank account that the program helps you establish after arrival in Salzburg.

Study on the home campus

Teaching and research assistantships are available on a competitive basis to full-time students who have satisfactorily completed the year of study in Salzburg and, in some cases, to entering graduate students. As of the 2012-2013 year, these awards include full tuition grant scholarships (valued in 2013 at $10,168 for in-state and $17,476 for out-of-state students) for the academic year, plus a cash stipend of ca. $9,000 for teaching or research assistants.

A limited number of assistantships may be available for teaching during the summer session.



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