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Internship Programs

Graduate Students with sufficient German proficiency (i.e. MS III or Oberstufe) and possibly also highly qualified undergraduate students have the opportunity to complete an internship during the semester break in February or, in some cases, during the summer term (March-June). Internships give you the opportunity to gain experience in the German-language job market, which can improve your career prospects. Our internships also count as a course. You can receive up to 3 credit hours upon completion of the internship, depending upon the number of hours worked.

The following organizations have offered internships to our students in recent years:

ORF (Austrian Public Television) - assistant (2), 4-5 weeks in Feb.
Fachhochschule (higher ed.) - teaching Assistant, organizational assistant (2), flexible summer term (March-June)
Caritas Verein (social Service) - social work assistant (1), shifts or 4-5 weeks in Feb.
Senior citizen support - senior care assistant (1), 4-5 weeks in Feb.
Emco, Inc. (manufacturing) - translator, secretarial (1), 4-5 weeks in Feb.
Salzburger Nachrichten (newspaper) (1), 4-5 weeks in Feb.
Erhard Nonntal Kindergarten - English teacher to kindergarteners (1), summer term
Akademisches Gymnasium - language assistant for secondary school (2), summer term

Note: We continue to look for new internship opportunities. Please let us know early, if you are interested in a specific internship. Placement will be arranged after your arrival in Salzburg .

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